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Welcome to the new Creaprint website

We are pleased to present our updated website with an all-new more corporate and more interactive design. Plus, we’ve included a new company blog where you may be the first to find out about our new developments, innovations and new products.

We’ve made some changes in the technology used, committing to a dynamic and responsive site aimed at good positioning. And we’ve prepared an updated and spectacular homepage with all the information on what IML Labels are and about our company. We’d like our website to be a reference in the sector which allows us to open up new markets and penetrate those in which we already work. Continuous updates and a lot of communication work so Creaprint can continue to be known as the No. 1 IML Label manufacturer in Spain and continue to be one of the top 10 manufacturers in the world.

If you’d like more information on our products and services, contact us using our online form.