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“More than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of IML Labels”.

Creaprint, as its name indicates, was founded both to create and to print. We are a family owned company that started its journey in 1987 with a philosophy that has always been well defined. Firstly, to provide the highest level of quality and service; secondly to offer our customers every security, ensuring our growth, with the continuous improvement of our processes and the total reinvestment of our resources, and thirdly a full commitment to research and development for new labels.
With over 20 years experience in the manufacture of IML Labels (In Mould Labels), Creaprint is one of the 10 most important producers in the world in terms of technology, know-how, means and production capacity.
In 2013, we made the strategic decision to found Creaprint USA to provide North American customers with our products more efficiently and easily. With this decision, an ambitious plan of implantation in the United States of America is initiated, which progresses adequately in achieving objectives.

“You can find products produced with our labels along the 5 continents.”

You can find us in their food, in the decoration of many types of food packaging using IML labels or pre-cut labels.
You can find us in their domestic appliances, in the decoration of plastic parts using IML labels.
You can find us in their vehicle where our labels IML decorate plastic parts and provide safety information.
You can find us in the decoration of their house, on decorative household items and home storage articles, with IML labels that garnish these products.
You can find us in the painting of their house, with IML labels for paint pots and tins.
You can find us in their children’s toys with IML labels that were once impossible to apply.


production resources



We have edge equipment; Computer to Play (CTP), plates and up to the minute colour testing systems.



Screen printing and Offset; from 1 up to 7 colours machines.



Different lines of die forming, both sheet-to-sheet and deep inlay. Up to 480,000 labels per hour.

R & D

R & D

We have an R & D that is continuously developing new IML labels for our customers.


This department normally begins its project with an idea from the customer or from within our own organization.


Following, it is developed and if the result is the one desired, it is implemented into our production process.


Finally, the tested and approved product is sold to the customer.

R & D

Day to day, we develop higher-quality labels and processes or ones with specific functions, improving the products they are applied to.


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The quality is one of Creaprint’s cornerstones and the company has a well-defined philosophy regarding this: “We strive for continuous improvement in our productive processes and in our organisation as a whole”. Today we have a qualified department dedicated to this, and so we are always improving and continue to offer our customers the highest quality. Our company is certified to ISO 9001:08. Additionally, for our customers safety, we have implemented the HACCP control method.